Salsa Beginners


Jun 03 2024


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Salsa Beginners

This level is aimed at anyone wishing to learn Puerto Rican salsa. It does not require any prior dance practice. This course covers learning: basic steps on the clave, shines, simple guiding figures (couple dance).

La Clave:
The clave designates both a musical instrument and the fundamental musical rhythm of salsa. So to dance salsa in clave you must base yourself on this rhythmic pulsation and not on a simple counting of times. Hence the importance of learning to listen to music!

The Shines:
Shines (footwork) are a combination of steps performed solo, allowing you to develop your own style and expressiveness to the music.
I have created great combinations of shines whose style, elegance and virtuosity are unique and appreciated all over the world. These are the steps he intends to teach you!

Couple dancing:
“Puerto Rican salsa” refers to line dancing salsa. The guiding techniques are precise and the emphasis is on fluidity and elegance.

The chachacha on the clave:
A very popular dance of Cuban origin, heir to rumba and mambo, it allows you to work on the expressiveness of body movements.

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